Context of Polk's medical register and directory of North America : comprising list of physicians and surgeons, arranged by location, giving postoffice address with population, the school practiced, date and college of graduation, all the existing and extinct medical colleges in North America, with locations, officers, number of professors, lecturers, demonstrators, etc., the various medical societies, penal, reformatory and charitable state institutions, hospitals, homes, sanitariums, dispensaries, asylums and other medical institutions, boards of health, boards of medical examiners, health officers at principal points, the laws of registration and other laws relating to the profession, medical journals with names of editors, frequency of publication and subscription rates, medical libraries, a therapeutic classification of American health resorts, mineral springs, official list of officers of the medical departments of the U.S. Army, Navy, and Marine Hospital Service, the U.S. Indian Service, roster of examining surgeons of the U.S. Pension Department, a descriptive sketch of each state, territory and province, embodying such matters as location, boundary, extent in miles and acres, latitude and longitude, statistics relating to climate, temperature, rate of mortality, etc., full particulars concerning all national and inter-state medical and surgical associations and societies relating to medicine and surgery and an index to the physicians of the United States arranged alphabetically with the number of the page and column in which the name appears

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